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About Me

MRS X AKFITNESS is a fitness brand catering to women! MRS- originally stands for Maddox Roux Simmons, my daughter, who’s my ultimate motivation, while it also represents a feminine title. I want my brand to be a reflection of who I AM. I’m a child of God, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, etc! MRS X AKFITNESS will cater to women of all shades, lifestyles, shapes, and backgrounds through a mixture of HIIT and dance routines. Yes, it is a workout but will be considered “fun ME time.” While instructing and providing tools to enhance your physical is important, tapping into your emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects is essential as well.



I aim to empower women by bringing excitement to their everyday routine. Incorporating a challenge each day that encourages them to take a quick step away from the real world and focus on self care. Whether it consists of an intense cardio session, focusing on nutrition, or planning a self care day, it’s a tactic to promote that inner beauty that we often bottle in. It’s time to better you while continuing to adjust the crown.


“This is MY me time.

Before I can take care of others,

I need to take care of myself.”

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